Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation

Part 1 Covers ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement

Parts 1 and 2 Covers ASA107 Celestial Navigation

Captain Michael Brown

Captain Michael Brown is the founder and manager of the Center for Celestial Navigation and the author of “Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation”.

When Captain Mike was learning Celestial Navigation, he struggled with poor Celestial Navigation teaching materials that made it take much longer than necessary for him to learn Celestial Navigation.

Some authors omitted very important concepts in Celestial Navigation that they determined to be unimportant, but were actually the cornerstone of celestial navigation.

Other authors presented teaching methods that could only be mastered by someone who performs Celestial Navigation everyday, leaving those who only occasionally perform celestial navigation feeling like they are always starting over again.

Still other authors seem to have little common sense.  They want you to falsely believe that Celestial Navigation is so simple it can be learned in a couple of minutes, or they want to spend useless time analyzing things that are similar to “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin” and waste student time on nuances of no significance.

As Captain Mike taught ASA117 and ASA107 Celestial Navigation over many years and as he used celestial navigation at sea, he developed the best Course Materials available for ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement and the ASA107 Celestial Navigation Standard. 

Students can literally answer every ASA117 and ASA107 test questions within the pages of “Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation”.  This does not mean that this book only teaches the ASA tests but all the questions on the ASA tests are covered.

We hope you will download “Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation so you can more easily learn Celestial Navigation” using Captain Mike’s proven methods, developed as he sailed over 40,000 nautical miles on the ocean, while moving his 39 foot Pearson sloop many times between Norfolk Bermuda, the Virgin Islands, and Florida.

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