Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation- Part 1. Meets requirements for ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement


Learn how to use a sextant to find your Latitude and Longitude using the Sun at noon and how to use the star Polaris to find your Latitude.

Includes digital downloads of 154 page “Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation” Part 1 textbook by Captain Michael Brown.  Textbook is in PDF format and works on any computer or I-Pad or other device where PDF files can be read.

All questions on the ASA117 Celestial Navigation test are answered in a full and complete manner.  Telephone and email support if needed is included at no additional charge.

Also Includes PDF format ASA117 Test, ASA117 Test Data, Work Forms for Local Apparent Noon and Polaris, and Universal Plotting Sheets.

Students who get 80% or higher on the ASA117 test earn ASA117 Certification for no additional charge from our partners and American Sailing Association Affiliates; Delmarva Sailing School or Nockamixon Sailing School.  To learn more please visit or 

“Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation” Part 1-Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Introduction to Celestial Navigation 5-15 

Chapter 2- General Concepts 16-26

Chapter 3- Sextant Basics 27-36

Chapter 4- Latitude and Longitude by Local Apparent Noon 37-113

       Local Apparent Noon Summary-38

       Local Apparent Noon Work Forms 39-41

       Entering Data given in problem to LAN Work Form 42-43

       Corrected Zone Time LAN for Dead Reckoning Position at Noon 44-56

       Measurements 57-60

       Sextant Corrections 61-80

       Zenith Distance 81-85

       Greenwich Mean Time LAN86-87

       Declination 88-93

       Calculations by Situation 94-99

       GHA and Longitude based on LAN 100-108

       Correction Factors 109

       Universal Plotting Sheets 110-111

       Solar Time- 112

       Equation of Time- 113

Chapter 5- Sunset, Sunrise, Civil Twilight, and Nautical Twilight based on your position 115-121

Chapter 6- Latitude by Polaris 122-154

       General Information on Polaris 122-124

       Polaris Work Form 125-126

       Sample Problem for Polaris 127

       Data Entry for Polaris Work Form 128

       Sextant Corrections 129-132

       Meridian Time Difference 134-136

       Greenwich Mean Time 137-138

       Greenwich Hour Angle and Local Hour Angle for Aries 139-144

       Corrections and Latitude Calculation 145-152

       Plotting Polaris 153-154


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